Chess Clubs
Visiting a local chess club is a great way to meet and play other chess enthusiasts. Clubs are open to drop-in players and have an informal atmosphere. Some clubs do offer weekly USCF rated tournament-style play along with casual games.

CalChess Club List
Calchess maintains a updated list of chess clubs by location. You can view the list by clicking the button below. Any updates can be sent to

Start a Chess Club
Don't see a Chess Club near you? Here is an excellent guide to start one up!
USCF Guide to a Successful Chess Club

Other USCF State Affiliates
If you are thinking of visiting another state and looking for a chess connection there, we have created a map with links to the various other USCF state affiliate websites.

Chess inspires self-motivation
It encourages the search of the best move, the best plan, and the most beautiful continuation out of the endless possibilities. It encourages the everlasting aim towards progress, always steering to ignite the flame of victory.
Meet many interesting people
You will make life-long friendships with people you meet through chess.
Chess is a game for people of all ages
You can learn to play at any age and in chess, unlike in many other sports, you don't ever have to retire. Age is also not a factor when you're looking for an opponent --young can play old and old can play young.
Chess and Science
Chess develops the scientific way of thinking. While playing, you generate numerous variations in your mind. You explore new ideas, try to predict their outcomes and interpret surprising revelations. You decide on a hypothesis, and then you make your move and test it.
Chess and Psychology
Chess is a test of patience, nerves, will power and concentration. It enhances your ability to interact with other people. It tests your sportsmanship in a competitive environment.

Chess is a great learning tool
There have been numerous studies showing the positive effects of including chess as part of a child's school program.
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More Scholastic Information
If your school does not already have an after school program or club, START ONE! Contact one of the above programs and they will assist you.
For more information about scholastic chess you can click here or
click here

Private Coaching
The following individuals offer private chess lessons to players who desire to take their game to the next level.